The Gurupurab-An Auspicious Festival | Prakash Utsav

The Gurupurab-An Auspicious Festival | Prakash Utsav

Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji (1469AD – 1539AD) was born in a village which was named as Rai Bhoi di Talwandi. Nowadays, it is popular as Nankana Sahib, near Lahore city of  Pakistan. Towards his later age, he completely gave his life in preaching the importance and power of spirituality in one’s life that ultimately gave birth to Sikhism. Guru Nanak Dev ji birthday is known to be as Gurpurab. Guru Nanak Dev Jayanti is also about re-living his preaching and teachings that are quoted in the sacred scripture of sikhs ‘Guru Granth Sahib’, the holy book in which hymns of Sikh Gurus are quoted and mentioned.

“Satguru Nanak Pragateya , mittii dhundh jagg chanan hoya ,

      Jiyo kri suraj nikalya, taare chhipe andher ploya”

Every Year Guru Nanak Jayanti is celebrated as Gurpurab festival all across in India and the world. It is an auspicious religious festival in Sikhism observed to commemorate and remember the birth and philosophy of Guru Nanak, first Sikh Guru and founder of Sikhism. Sikhs and orthodox followers of Guru Nanak remember him by celebrating Guru Nanak Jayanti with great enthusiasm that usually falls on Kartik Poornima of Hindu Mythology.

Meaning Of Gurupurab:

Satguru Nanak Dev Ji’s emergence cleared spiritual darkness of World,

As sunrise dispells the darkness and stars disappear.

Celebration Of Gurupurab

gurupurabI think you have now understood that what is gurpurab and why is gurpurab celebrated. Let see proceed to see how it is celebrated. Gurpurab celebration is generally similar to all the various Gurpurbs; only the Shabads (hymns) recited are different. Gurpurab festival is considered as important but the special significance is accorded to the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak, as the Sikhs believe that Guru Nanak brought enlightenment to the world, so this festival is also called as Prakash Utsav, literally meaning the “birth of light”.

Almost Fifteen days before the birth anniversary of Shri Guru Nanak Dev, celebrations begin. Community processions called “Prabhat Pheris” are taken from house to house singing Kirtan and Shabads (hymns) from the SGGS.

One Day before this auspicious festival, an enormous parade starts from the Gurdwara, usually in the afternoon. The celebrations start with the three-day Akhand Path, in which the Guru Granth Sahib (the holy book of Sikh community) is read continuously from start to end without a single break. The objective of the reading the holy book coincides with the day of the festival.

Holy Book of Sikhs Religion named “The Granth Sahib’’ is also carried along in procession on a float well decorated with flowers throughout the village or city areas. gurupurabThe Nishan Sahib Ji is carried by five armed Sikhs, who represent the Panj Pyares, head the procession carrying Nishan Sahibs (the Sikh flag) and/or Kirpans. Sikhs visit gurdwaras where kirtans (religious songs) sung. Langar (free community meals) and sweets are also offered to everyone irrespective of religious faith.

Gurupurab Wishes :

  • Nanak Ji Nich kahein vichaar, Tare chupe Haner pulya, Mitti dhund jag Chanan Hoa, Kaal Nanak aiya,  Prakash Utsav Di Lakh-Lakh Wadaiyaan. 

    • May blissfulness and favors comprehend you as we tend to consolidate to remember the cherished Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and also the Beginnings of religious belief. Upbeat GURPURAB


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